Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It's hard enough for me to remember everything I do in one week (and, in fact, I generally don't, which makes this less of a diary than I wanted my LJ to be), but now I have to try to remember two weeks worth and I basically can't do it all.

It's rained fairly heavily for SoCal twice in that time, both of which had effects on our socializing. During the first rainstorm of this period, we went to a special showing of Rogue One (which I really liked, BTW); during the second, we drove into Brea to meet sekl and her boys to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Loved the companionship of them all.

Last weekend was also the wedding of one of my college friend's daughters at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. A beautiful ceremony held outdoors as the sun set, and then at the reception we were seated with another of my college friends and his family, and we had a delightful time. We'd committed to be there months in advance, precluding us going to a cousins Hanukkah party, but the whole business would have been geographically impossible. Unfortunately.

Work had some holiday celebrations which I wasn't able to completely participate in. OTOH, I still feel pretty solidly useful; heck, even a patient that I only just met made sure to give me a Christmas present because she values the work I've been doing with her. It made me feel very good.

On the parental front, she'll be moving very soon, and so there's been a lot of packing going on. We've been there and back several times, each time bringing home bits and pieces that she can't take with her and we think we can use. I lived in that house for seven years, but Mom has been in it for 46. Lots of memories have flown by; so many pieces that she's keeping or donating stimulate memories. It's quite remarkable.

Yesterday, sekl and her boys stopped by for lunch. We had a pretty nice time with them all. It was funny to see her middle boy being greeted (and complained at) by brushette. Happy boy, happy dog.

Last weekend after stopping at Mom's, we visited the sick. axelicious was under the weather, and since we were close by we stopped by and dropped some things off with him. Vanessa, his spouse, arrived home a bit early, so it was an even better visit.

Post-Cookie Exchange, it was time to share out the cookies. Two boxes went to each office, while some boxes were shared out to friends as well. As far as I was able to tell, the cookies went fast, and it appears that the donkey cookies were generally the last to go. I understand that they were too cute to eat first.

I'm sure that I'm forgetting a lot, but that's how it goes...
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