Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Christmas Day my beloved used to set up her seedlings for the future tomato crop. Temperatures at dawn have been in the 30s, sometimes as low as 33, which for Southern California is pretty cold. Therefore the seeds are being germinated in the house for later transfer to the planters.

In the late morning, forestcats asked for me to put on Hogfather, the first of the live action Discworld movies, which emulates Christmas in that wonderful Discworld style. I enjoyed it very much, once again.

Once done with that we were off to Vanessa and axelicious' home for Christmas dinner. They asked me to say the prayers over the Hanukkah candles, that being second night, and I did so, not lighting the place on fire. The food was good as was the conversation and we left fairly early as such things go, not wanting to overstay our welcome.

Once home, while my beloved went back to planting seeds in the starter boxes, I put on via Netflix streaming the documentary For the Love of Spock, made by his son with the proceeds of a Kickstarter campaign. It's a very nice look at Leonard Nimoy's life and work and at the end of the credits they list all the contributors to the Kickstarter, and it made me happy to see our names in the paragraph of "P". I would say that it's worth seeing, but I'm an old Trek fan so I may be prejudiced.
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