Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday, after taking the dogs for a walk at Ayala Park on what was a windy day, we spent most of the afternoon doing some cleanup work outside. A lot got done. Being that it was cold outside, my wife's chicken soup made from scratch tasted especially fine.

In the evening we went for a couple of hours to Ground Control, the industrial karaoke event that for a long time now was weekly at a bar in Glendale. Its days are numbered now, though, so the countdown is on, and so a number of folks who've supported it over the years are making sure to drop in at least once before it ends. We bumped into several friends, chatted, drank, and listened.

OTOH, a less pleasant occurrence was being notified that my father's sister is ill. This morning I called her son to get the details from as close to firsthand that I could. From what I understand, she's probably going to stay with us for a short time, but I figure on still blaming 2016. Why not?

And so it goes...

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