Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Shopping. That was yesterday.

We started by going to Cal Poly Pomona's Farm Store. The profits from the store go to the Ag School there, and some of the provisions that they sell are foods from the school's farms. They also sell a number of plants for gardening, both foodstuffs and ornamental. Nice place!

Then we followed that by storming the Montclair Plaza Shopping Center searching for kickaround shoes for me. As a teen, I used to wear Adidas Stan Smith shoes, well into my twenties (or even later; I lost count), and then I couldn't find them anymore so I shifted to something less sporty. Then several years back while we were visiting Orlando, I ran across some once again, so I bought them...and later bought again via the Internet. These, however never fit well and lately they've been hurting my feet, something that I refuse to tolerate. So we went wandering. What I found was for the most part they don't sell these sport shoes in Wide and in many cases the supports in the shoes pressed me the wrong way. I really liked the look of the Nike Kobe Bryant #36183805 (is it called Sunset? I found a couple of ads that suggested that...) Total Crimson/Black/Hyperviolet/University Gold. They are ostentatious as hell, but I upped the size from my 9 1/2 to 10 1/2 and they still felt too tight. Sadness. However, we finally found something that felt good to my feet in a scarlet that should frighten macaws at fifty paces so I look forward to sporting them today.

After a break at home, unloading some of what we purchased (including a flat of various breeds of lettuce for the garden), we went to Norco to the Tractor Supply store because I needed mud boots for the corral. There's a depth of about 10cm of mud until you hit clay pan out there, but that's enough to overwhelm many shoes. On the way home we picked up sandwich fixings for today's visit to my Mom's new place, so hopefully she'll find things she'll want to eat in the mix.

Yesterday was on and off rain, sometimes heavy but almost constantly a drizzle. Sven has picked out a basket at home, and ignores everyone else in the house with grave disdain. It's hilarious.

New Year's Eve we stayed in. With the rain, gunfire, and drunk drivers, we just weren't in the mood. I started the New Year at the side of my BFF, my partner, my beloved. Best wishes to all in the upcoming year and let's buckle down and get things DONE!
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