Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It appears that my last post dealt with Saturday. Sunday, New Year's Day, we went to my mother's new apartment and spent the day with her. We brought sandwich fixings, drinks, and freshly backed rugala which disappeared quickly. On her arrival, my sister pressed for us to do a first pass over Mom's photo collection, and we filled a box with the ones she wanted to keep, while putting together packages of photos for various relatives for their perusal. That duty finished, we then made a final stop at Mom's old home where we found a bowl of ours that has to have been there for at least six years; we'd forgotten where we'd left it and Mom forgot who brought it. It's safe home now!

With the intermittent rain, and rather cold nights, we haven't been walking the dogs as much as we had a few weeks ago. In fact it's raining now, which is delightful considering the drought conditions here. I did get back on the stationary bicycle for a bit of exercise last night, though.

Earlier in the week we blazed through some Netflix discs. Specifically we watched the remake of Pete's Dragon (I'd never seen the original, so I have no basis for comparison, but this one is pretty good) and Tomorrowland which I found to be very preachy. We're awaiting a restock presently.

Best wishes to all for 2017!

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