Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

As I had posted on Facebook recently, my paternal aunt passed away last weekend. I appreciated the many expressions of support, but in honesty we weren't close. I feel very sad for my cousin her son, who is now fully an orphan and I hope to be supportive for him at this time of loss.

I posted elsewhere about doing a major amount of reading last Sunday, which is true, but I was doing it while also dabbling in a number of household chores/duties. I actually did get an awful lot done in the house and backyard, not just books completed.

During the week I finally went to a dentist. It's been too long I'm afraid, but there was little wrong that I didn't already know about, so my maintenance activities were apparently adequate. I will need some further work in March, so I commit to getting it all taken care of once and for all.

I have had something of a sore throat and a bit of a cough; not enough to slow me down too much, but mildly troubling.

We kept trying to go out to see Hidden Figures but various things including my beloved not feeling well herself (and for which I prescribed and heated up chicken soup) kept us away. Friday night when I finally got home from work my iPhone told us that a local venue had the movie at 7:40 PM, but when we arrived at 7:22 we found out that it had started at 7. Feh. So, being there anyway, we went to see Lion about a child from India, lost and kept in an orphanage who ends up with Tasmanian parents and who later searches for his original home using Google Earth. Very good film.

Yesterday was a major holiday in our household, being that it was forestcats' birthday. We got out of the house fairly early (after having her find a birthday card on her pillow at midnight from the beagles, and then I awoke her in the morning with a cup of hot chocolate...), and drove to the Autry Museum next to the LA Zoo. The Autry has a number of exhibits including pieces from the life of the West, along with a lot of material about cowboy movies. There was a really good display about Nature and the native way of life in California. Really good museum which we support with membership. We had a few more hours to kill before the main event of the day, so we went over to the Zoo and hung out with the tigers and orangutan among others before heading out to Moorpark.

Why Moorpark? I must shift focus for a moment... Do you watch Top Chef? Each season there's more than a dozen chefs who compete in the show, and many of them already have restaurants but are putting themselves on the show to show what they are made of. In a recent season there was an Italian gentleman who had a restaurant in Moorpark who did well though he didn't win his season. At one point he opened a restaurant in the San Fernando Valley, but apparently it is undergoing a renovation/rebuilding. So for her birthday, my beloved asked to try his restaurant out just to see if it was as good as we might hope.

It's a pretty long drive even from the LA Zoo, but we arrived early and were seated right away. We liked the ambiance very much; we found the service first class and the food was superlative! We had appetizers (very good lobster bisque, best calamari ever), sides of gnocchi done two ways (best I've ever eaten) and an entree of rabbit in pasta that was outstanding. My wife had one of her favorite cocktails while I had a glass of excellent temporanillo wine. The desserts were amazing! Afterwards we had to walk off the buzz a bit, and found that the same strip mall had a Tractor Supply, and we laughed at what appeared to be 300 gallon water troughs. Then home, a tiring drive.

Nice way to finish last week!

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