Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

As we work our way into the evening, I find myself ruminating on bits and pieces once again.

In this particular case, a question has come to my mind. Whatever happened to air raid sirens?

When I was a kid in Wisconsin, I remember that they were tested once a week, same day of the week at the same time each time so as not to panic people. Mind you, this was at the time that we were being trained to "Duck and Cover!" in response to the expected nuclear attacks that thank God never materialized. Yet.

Then when I was an adult, I remember driving through Wisconsin ahead of a storm and noticing that as we passed a golf course, there was an air raid siren playing. It turns out that we were driving just ahead of a tornado, staying well in front of it. Who knew?

Nowadays, though, I can't remember when I last heard one.

Whatever happened to them? Am I out of my mind, or are they all gone in the last forty years?

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