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February 11th, 2017

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07:55 am - #21, 22
This week I didn't finish quite as many books. One thing or another conspired to keep me from spending as much time with my Nook or my books so...

Anyway, the first one was Deadly Election by Lindsey Davis. This is an offshoot of her Falco series; that character has retired for political reasons from continuing as an informer in Imperial Rome, but his adopted daughter continues in a complex mystery started by a dead body unidentified found in a strongbox for sale. Good piece of work as I expect from this author.

The second book was Osprey Fortress #10: The Maginot Line 1928 – 45, the defenses upon which the German Army of WWII was expected to beat itself to death; they maneuvered around it instead, wasting a vast amount of French taxes. Sad.

Let's see what next week holds!

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