Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

#29, 30

This was not a big week for reading. I worked fairly late a couple of times this week; one of the books that I finished I only did so by staying up past 1 AM one night because I really wanted to find out how it ended.

The first book I read was Osprey New Vanguard #27: Panzerkampfwagen III: Medium Tank 1936 – 44. It did a fairly good job of giving the history of the development and use of this weapon system by the Wehrmacht in WWII. Not bad, especially in comparison to the immediately previous read about the Light Panzers.

Then the other book of the week, A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore. A man finds himself becoming Death, or at least a death dealer in a world about to be invaded by ancient death dieties. I found this to be a really fun read; in fact as I've been reading Moore's books over the last few years I've been enjoying his works more and more (Moore & Moore?). In this era bereft of PTerry, I'm delighted to have found a person who though he might not be Pratchett, gives me a Pratchetty feel to the works and I have several more of his books to read before I catch up. Fun!

On to the week...
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