Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

The activities of the last week are something of a blur, mentally. I know much of what we did but the timeline in my head is a bit messed up.

Let's start with last weekend.

We were supposed to join the family for an early Seder just before Passover, but I was struck down by food poisoning and rather than let me be a hero and tough it out, driving over an hour to my sister's place, my beloved called her up and cancelled. Honestly, she was right; had I gone I doubt that I would have had the energy the next day to go to work. It turned out that I was better (let's not say "fine") the next day probably because I rested some and didn't try to be particularly stupid.

Monday night the Archers had a small Seder which we attended and it was lovely. However, something that I ate there must have be imbued with the essence of caffeine because I couldn't fall asleep until after 3AM which led to my zombification at work the next day...

I think it was Wednesday night when we helped move some lawn furniture that someone we knew was never going to use again to the new home of another friend. Following that we worked our way across the LA area looking for a place to park/eat, and found ourselves in the end at Osteria Mozza. They had good martinis, and my chosen dishes were pretty good, especially the duck, while forestcats wasn't quite as happy with some of her choices. Honestly, though, her lamb was fantastic!

Sometime during the week I finished watching via Netflix streaming season one of Samurai Gourmet which was mildly amusing in a cultural sense; last night we finished watching season three of Grace & Frankie on the same streaming service which deals pretty solidly with aging and a variety of other somewhat uncomfortable topics in a very engaging way. I think it's worth your time, if you haven't seen it.

Also in the last ten days or so I've spent a bit of time downloading videos from Amazon Prime onto my iPad and watching some of them, particularly Emeril's new show Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse. I think I have one episode left in the season; so far they've been pretty solidly good for cooking travelogues.

Preparations in our home for the upcoming event later this month continue. Yesterday a big job got finished in that the new couch replacing the decade-old one arrived. The new couch is now in place and it's very comfortable, beagle-approved. The old one has been moved into the backyard for more seating for our Feast, though it's going out to the curb (or will be donated to friends, if someone wants it) after the end of the month. I think that this weekend is going to be devoted to dealing with upstairs issues so that we have maneuvering room. I think we're also going on an expedition to one of our sources of exotic meats to get that out of the way in advance of the party. Busy, busy, busy.

How was your week?

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