Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

After the last time I posted, we had a busy half-week at work followed by a trip to New Orleans. The track of Hurricane Harvey worried us but it never really interfered with the flight aside from some heavy turbulence.

On arrival in New Orleans late at night the breeze was warm and humid and utterly relaxing. After we checked into our hotel, forestcats refused to consider having room service for a very late dinner, so we headed into the French Quarter and had delicious food and drink at a place called the Back Space Bar. Tiny place, dark and friendly. Nice start.

We spent the next day driving out of town to the east enjoying the scenery, discovering a NASA test center that we didn't know existed, lunched in Gulfport, Mississippi. In Alabama we took a drive on a minor road and just soaked in the locale. Then it was back to the NOLA airport to return the rental car and meet up with our friends at the hotel.

That evening it was back to the Green Goddess, a restaurant that we discovered years ago in a back alley of the French Quarter where we had a meal with Natalie, a friend from Chicago who'd never been to New Orleans before. Once again, a delicious meal, and we later strolled through the Quarter with her sharing the things we love about the town.

I'm not going to get much deeper into a play-by-play about the weekend. We had gone there to participate in the Fourth North American Discworld Convention, and the Con was much smaller than those we'd attended before in Tempe and in Madison. We spent a lot of time in the city, showing it off to Natalie and her daughter Callista, and just had a lot of good times, just as you should if you visit.

We got home Monday night; the kittens were well and all of our various pets were glad to see us.

There's a lot of beauty in this world, and taking the time to go find it with my wife...well, it's what I want to keep doing forever...
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