Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

There was a bit of dismay in the household yesterday. As I was returning from rounds, I got a cell phone call from my beloved because of the horse, Zoey. The critter was dragging her right rear leg behind her.

I arrived and was rushed into the corral, where we proceeded to examine the leg, which showed no obvious (to the untutored eye) abnormality - no breaks, no wounds, no nothing. The poor horse could even bear weight on it.

Finally, persuaded, forestcats called the horse vet, who only lives a few blocks away. He made the diagnosis over the phone, but came over anyway. It appears that the horse must have hyperextended the leg, and the patella (kneecap) shifted out of postion and didn't return. He tried but failed to reposition it, and as it was dusk, it was too dark to consider surgical options. However, he said that putting her into her stall, she might, with shifting about, pop it back into place herself. It's nice to say that he was right; less than half an hour later, the horse was bending the knee just fine. Whew!

We're winding down now from the Thanksgiving holiday, and looking forward to the Guardian of the Flame episode, a certain Yankee Swap, and the cookie exchange in the upcoming weekends. Huzzah for the holidays!
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