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Depth Takes a Holiday is written by Sandra Tsing Loh, and it is a collection of columns by same which discuss life in a certain subset of folks living in the Greater Los Angeles Area, mostly the San Fernando Valley. Much of this book rings true, as I grew up there, and still socialize often in that area. It's funny, and a good read. Recommended. I'm off to read another book by this author of about 4 or 5 in her list.

It's been a curious week for DVD watching. I got my hands on the 4th season of Babylon 5 on DVD, and so far have watched the first four episodes, and the commentary track on the 4th episode. We also watched Max, a film about a Jewish German art dealer/WWI wounded veteran, who attempts to help Adolph Hitler become a successful artist. Odd, and disturbing piece of work.

We had been invited to a home Friday night Jewish service. It seems that a number of members of our synagogue congregation have had it with our rabbi, and have revolted. The Board of the shul are apparently going to renew his contract, so, in protest, these persons are having home services at various members homes. We were first invited a couple of weeks back, but this is the first time we've been able to go. About half of the men at the service were local physicians who I know, or have interacted with over the last few years. There were about twenty people, and the service was lovely; very comfortable. I believe that we will be trying to attend regularly, as our synagogue's service feel sterile and disinterested, mostly due to the rather distant approach of the rabbi.

Dungeonmaster is coming up Friday, and Joe is travelling out from Chicago again to attend. He'll be called onstage for sure, and he's great at it; it should be a good show, therefore. The next show after that should include the returning creator, Bruce A. Young, and should be amusing, most likely because the cast is going to be messing with him. I suspect that I'll be putting my name in for participation in that episode, resurrecting a character I haven't played since the play was still in Chicago 15 years ago. Hey, Unwilly! You coming this month?
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