Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Busy day, mostly out of the house, yesterday.

We open with going to a synagogue in Anaheim, because a friend is going to have an aliyah in honor of her 77th birthday. She gets through it without collapsing, and we share the Oneg Shabbat with the couple. This synagogue was the one where two of my cousins did their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, though it's very different now than it was some decades back.

Following that, forestcats tried to find the home of one of her friends from the cat show days. She thinks we found the home, but her friend has moved. I spent the driving time catching up with the Uncle/Aunt combo whose kids were the ones mentioned above.

Heading back towards home, she veered off into Placentia, where we stopped by Jeff & Maureen's house; the place is topsy-turvy as Jeff is still doing the flooring. We sat and chatted 'til Jeff returned from a Home Depot run, and then, as long as we were there anyway, we pitched in. One room more was nearly finished, when we left to go get some dinner at Souplantation with the whole Cavin clan.

Home, I had to reboot the DVR; we caught up on a few shows, and then sat down and ran through two episodes of The Sopranos; we've only got one more episode to watch to finish up season three. Still pretty good stuff. I can't recall if I mentioned that earlier this week, we watched a couple of episodes of Joan of Arcadia via Netflix. forestcats used to watch it, and I rarely saw an episode, so we put it on the Netflix queue just to get an idea of it. I liked Wonderfalls better, honestly, at least the first few shows, but this isn't bad stuff.
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