Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Minnesota trip weekend

Saturday and Sunday in my mind now are something of a blur.

The wedding was Saturday night; it was held at the Minnesota History Center, in a long vaulted hall with a picture window at the end, overlooking the Minnesota State Capitol. The food was pretty good; there was no wedding cake, but instead, wedding cheesecake. The bride was gorgeous, of course. Ask forestcats if you want to see the photos she took.

As I ponder, I also recall that Saturday was when we met up with some of the younger cousins who live in the suburbs; we were supposed to meet at some sort of museum, but since there was something like Taste of Chicago happening there, we couldn't get close, so we all met at Greta's apartment, and then drove to a lakeside restaurant and had delicious fish tacos and other fishy dishes. Nice. There's some photos of the various cousins and whatnot by the lake in amongst forestcats work.

Later that day, forestcats and I hopped down to Uncle Hugo's/Uncle Edgar's Book Store; half of it is devoted to SF, and half to mystery. Their inventory in each section is enormous; we went twice, and I came away with nearly two dozen books, almost all of which were titles that are either out of print, or not typically carried by your standard chain bookstore. forestcats purchased another ten books or so, as well as a t-shirt from the place. Cool.

Sunday was a bit of a hash; the wedded couple invited us to their house to enjoy brunch, along with their multitudes of out of town friends in for the wedding. We went, and schmoozed for a short time, but left quickly, because we had family obligations. We then went to visit Jack & Rhoda, and their kids, at their place in Edina, a suburb. Nice place, and Jack, a former ER physician, wanted to show off his artwork, including a pottery studio/kiln setup in his house. We had a really good time there, finishing up with a whole family singalong; I was on bongo, and voice; Sis was on a guitar, as was one of the younger cousins, while another was on keyboard. Very nice.

Sunday afternoon, after dropping my Mom and sis off for a rest at the hotel, forestcats and I wandered some more around her old neighborhood, as well as looking at the old mansions in a ritzier part of town. We even wandered into an estate sale. Coolest thing was when she discovered a Penzey's Spice Shop; we arrived minutes before they closed, and we grabbed several items missing from our larder, as well as a couple things just to try.

Sunday night was another cousins get-together, mostly Mom's generation or older. We had a great time exchanging stories; I even had tales to tell them that dovetailed into the old family discussions we were having. Food was "eh!", but the company was great. Mom had a great day, altogether, and it was wonderful watching her enjoy it all.
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