Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Well, I got up to the Torah today for Rosh Hashana, and managed to get all the words right, though I didn't chant it with the proper tune. Somehow, it just all faded from my memory as soon as I got up to do my part. Still, words were right, so that's something, at least. I get to do it all again next weekend for Yom Kippur, when I'll also have to attend Yizgor services, which are intended to remember those who've died; typically, you go for parents.

Here and there over the last couple of weeks, I worked my way through Locus magazine's August 2007 issue, with Robert A. Heinlein on the cover. It's the centennial of his birthday that they covered, and there were a number of articles and appreciations of his work.
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