Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Got a novel done today; this one was by Michael Clynes (pseudonym for Paul Doherty), called The White Rose Murders, and is set in the reign of Henry VIII in England. Not quite as good as some of his other works, but readable.

I also read another issue of Crossing Midnight comic #11, following what appears to be Japaneses folk tales. I still find it very interesting, as they work through the tales and through the realities of today's cities of Japan.

Then, this evening, forestcats and I went to the newly opened Laemmle theater complex in Claremont, and we saw the documentary In the Shadow of the Moon, in which they interview ten of the men who flew in the Apollo missions, and use a lot of NASA footage for the action. Brilliant piece of work, worth hunting up.
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