Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I plowed through some comics late last night and early today. They include the following:

Black Summer #3: I'm enjoying this one.

Hiding in Time #3: I'm not so sure about this one; if it keeps on like this, it'll soon be a pass.

Drafted #1 and 2: Very interesting; the whole world is ordered to participate in an interstellar war. The team of folks working on this one really seem to have some interesting ideas that I'm going to keep watching.

I was taken to lunch, yesterday; a local home healthcare network is considering me for their medical director. It's not a full-time job, just another way to work into the community, but I'm waiting to hear more about what they need from me and what I'll get from them.

Last night we were supposed to meet up with a young woman who we've known for years, but who we haven't seen for about three years; unfortunately, she ended up not making it to the restaurant, though she did call and apologize. We're supposed to all go to Dungeonmaster Sunday, so that should be interesting.
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