Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I'm not exactly feeling well today; I've picked something up from somewhere/someone. We had to host the Saturday morning religious services today at the home of our friends who own their own Torah. forestcats made from scratch two challahs and three deep dish Chicago-style pizzas that were very good for a first effort; as is typical, there's things she wants to do to improve them. We had to make them cheese rather than mixing milk and meat at the services. Things went reasonably well, though I felt rather rotten.

I've finished another disc of season seven of ST:TNG, this one being #3. Most of these seem to be character studies, and not outstanding, though one that I saw had a fellow who plays a character from Lost as an admiral in it. I kept wanting to view him as a good guy, though I wasn't supposed to. Eh.
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