Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Continuing the process of bulling my way through a particular graphic novel series, I finished yesterday two, Planetary 3: Leaving the 20th Century and Planetary: Crossing Worlds. The first carries the main story forward, the second takes some of the ideas of multiple quantum changes in the universe, and messes with superheroes of the DC universe in it. Both solidly good. Now, I have to dig up the comics to complete the Planetary series.

Yesterday was mostly work; I couldn't believe all the pages I was getting. Not quite as bad as things were eight years ago, but a bad day anyway. I even had to go back out to the hospital after having returned home.

A patient had pressed on me a copy of Midway on DVD to borrow, urging me that it was worth my time. I had had a Netflix copy, but it was unplayable, and Netflix hasn't sent me back a replacement yet (due to my own mistake when I reported it damaged, not Netflix's fault). The copy lent me had a terrible soundtrack; I could barely hear the dialogue, and the Foley work was buzzed out at every turn. The screenwriters had to add a love interest, and they made much of the maltreatment of the Japanese nationals in the US, but there was still a fair amount of historical accuracy. I'd rate it as so-so.

I will have to miss the wedding of thefreak and kar3ning; I forsee today being as bad as yesterday, if not worse, for work. I'm sad, I looked forward to being kitted out in costume for it, since we didn't go to any Halloween parties.

One duty that I've undertaken for Dungeonmaster, the play, is that of notifying the candidates for the Guardian of the Flame adventure. This, for the uninitiated, is the opportunity for audience-favorite players to return to the stage, undergo a very deadly and difficult episode, and, if successful, possibly have their stage character receive great powers. So far, three folks have stated that they will attend the show, next weekend, but I have yet to fill the party with members. Answer your phones, folks, it might be me!

More information about Dungeonmaster can be found here. Or on MySpace, or Facebook, or whereever else folks chat about such things...
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