Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I finished another mystery novel, yesterday, this one being The Poisoned Chalice, by Michael Clynes, a nom de plume of Paul Doherty. It's the second book of a series about agents/investigators for the court of Henry VIII of England. Not a bad read; there's several more books of the series to go, and then Doherty has one more name he's written under, and then I've finally caught up with all his works.

I also read a couple of comics from this week. The first was Y: The Last Man #59; the last panel at the bottom said "Conclusion", and I don't know if that means that the saga ends with this book, or if it's the name of the last several issues. Anyway, it's a possible end point, so that might be all that'll be written in this book. The next one was Return to Wonderland #4: gorey, weird, not quite the vision that I had for Wonderland.
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