Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

One more book done, yesterday, this one being part of a series of mystery novels set in Imperial Rome, by author David Wishart, called Sejanus. It deals with the protagonist getting involved in bringing down the second most important person in the Empire, next to Tiberius Caesar. Pretty solidly good read.

I felt off-color most of yesterday. I'm oncall again, of course. When I got home, forestcats was off to a quilting meeting, so I ate, watched a little off the DVR, and then watched two episodes of ST:TNG season seven from off the Netflix DVD. Neither was outstanding; they both seem to be filmed from whatever junk was sitting around on the shelf, as the show wound down. When my beloved returned, we popped in an episode of Joan of Arcadia from a Netflix disc, and then called it a night.
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