Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Not such a lazy day yesterday.

We took Corvey and brushette to Dog Park, to let them stretch their legs, though they generally stayed fairly close to us.

Later, Sit 'N' Sleep didn't impress us, as we looked for a new mattress. Looks like J. C. Penney's will get our money.

Then, we made our first foray into the newly opened Fresh & Easy store; it's a new chain of grocery stores that are owned by a British firm. All the produce is pre-packaged; there's little variety on the shelves; there's only three staff for the whole store; most of the foodstuff is store-brand; the checkout lines are self-service. We're trying some of the food to see how they do. I'd have to guess that the food quality is OK, but I suspect that it'll be individually more expensive. On the other hand, it all seems pre-planned to be just enough food, so less might be wasted. Hard to tell.

A fair amount of laundry got done, and I read a bit, while forestcats napped on the couch.

Back to being oncall.
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