Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We had a nice time last night, going over to Viva Madrid for tapas with Ness and Ella; good food, good conversation, relaxing, a little sangria. More of the same, please.

I did read through a couple comics before we left for this: Black Summer #4 was pretty violent, but I see where Warren Ellis is going with this, and I appreciate it. The other was The Infinite Horizon #1; this one is about US soldiers in a fairly apocalyptic situation, trying to get home from Saudi Arabia after the balloon goes up in what might well be called WWIII. They compare it to The Odyssey, and I can see how the author is setting it up to be like that, but it rings true in other ways. I'll continue to watch this one.

We also finished a disc of The Sopranos; it came today, but we'd had this same disc from Netflix before. It had been scratched and failed most of the way through the second of three shows. Netflix had a replacement in out hands in just a couple of days. Nice. The last of the three episodes on the disc dealt with issues of dementia (in this case, multi-infarct dementia), and this hit very close to home. Great writing.
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