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Yesterday, I finished a book by Steve Perry called The Musashi Flex, which is something of a prequel to his Matadora series. It was a good read, fun, fast. Not deep, though there's some philosophy mixed in with the action scenes. Not bad, if you've read his other books.

After a slow start to the day (something in the teens of pages on my beeper in about sixty minutes derailed my mobility) I got the hospitals done, and joined forestcats at home. We tolerated about twenty minutes of Tin Man Part One, DVRed via the SciFi Channel, and then erased the whole shebang. I couldn't tolerate the acting quality.

We then moved into the living room to commune with the DVD player. Disc 2 of season 5 The Sopranos was viewed and completed; not quite as good an episode. Following that, I pulled out the last of the ST:TNG discs of season 7, finishing what I started. I can now say that I've seen it all the way through, something I couldn't do when it was out, as we didn't own a TV at the time. It was OK, but not outstanding, and I'm not sure that I much cared for the world of the Federation that they portray in it. I will be starting ST:DS9 soon enough, though not right away.

Expect me to be a bit punchy, the rest of this upcoming week...

Oh, and Wesley, the cat who's been living outdoors, actually came in the house through the dog door in the breezeway. He was greeted by the dogs in a chase mode, but he found himself a safe spot upstairs; he greeted us when we came up to go to bed. When I awoke, at 0600, he was on the bed with us.
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