Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Once again, I finished a book by Paul Doherty, this one being under his pseudonym of Michael Clynes. The book was The Grail Murders, again set in the period of Henry VIII of England; the protagonists are sent to find The Holy Grail and Excalibur and while doing so, identifying a murderer. Not a bad read.

Last night, forestcats, looking foxy, and I went out to the Holiday party put on by Casa Colina Hospital at the LA County Fairplex; we spent some time chatting with several of the physicians that I work with regularly. The hospital staff were clearly having a good time.

Home afterwards, and we watched a couple of episodes of season five of The Sopranos via Netflix disc, and the shows continue to have some pretty solid characterizations. Not all that many shows remain...
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