Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

After a rapid run through the hospitals, I managed to meet up with forestcats before she left to go to my sister's place. We picked up axelicious (and thanks, Mike, for your absolutely necessary help), and we moved a very large projection TV into the truck. Finally waking timmy_ritz, he met us at my Mom's, and we proceeded to remove a TV from her bedroom to the garage, a TV from the den to her bedroom, and the TV from the truck to the den. The two newly positioned TVs were set up and tested, while the one in the garage awaits disposal.

After the guys left, various cousins arrived, and we had a family Hanukkah party. Yes, I know, Hanukkah was over, but it was the only date that could be arranged for most attendees. The vast number of cousins scurried about Mom's house. My Dad's place as the alta-cocker who distributed presents (our habit was to have the eldest male give them out to the kids) was surplanted by Cousin Shellie; he and Uncle Joe argued about who was elder and Shellie turned out to be ahead by a bit. We ate there as well, and for a change, there was meat in the menu. Kosher, of course.

Home, afterwards, while forestcats prepared a Heritage book, we watched a couple more episodes of The Sopranos, finishing the disc.

I went to bed relatively early; I need to be rested, as my cousin Steve and I will be flying out of Ontario Airport very early Tuesday morning en route to Minnesota for the funeral. Out Tuesday morning, back Wednesday evening; I'm probably going to miss out on saying Happy Birthday to sekl, so I hope she gets all she wants from the day.

And off to work; we're going to be in a mess, trying to reschedule patients from the next two days...
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