Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

A restful eve, last night.

We ate out, grabbing Phillie Cheese Steak sandwiches at a local place with lots of TV screens set to football. Good, solid food. I jazzed it up by drinking a birch beer.

We followed that up with a shopping trip to World Market, picking up materials for April's Carnivores Feast. It appears that my beloved will have FOUR grills set up at the feast, and four teams will make an unspecified meat dish for competition. They'll gain bragging rights, and apparently some type of prize. It should be fun.

The rest of the evening had us finishing the last episode on a disc from Netflix of Joan of Arcadia, which was fun, and we dumped Evan Allmighty about ten minutes into the film. We topped the night off with the Pixar collection of short subjects that was released a few weeks ago, including the piece with the playful lamps. Nice stuff, and it was a gas to watch the progression of capabilities. Outstanding.
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