Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

#8, 9

Yesterday was a big day, book-wise, with me finishing two works.

The first was the new Dewey Lambdin book, Troubled Waters, which is another sea story set in the Napoleonic era, though a significant part of the beginning is set in England, with legal issues, and a wedding. Not a bad read, but it is built on previous books of the series.

The other book was Osprey Campaign #182: Granicus 334 BC: Alexander's First Persian Victory. Having seen the movie from the last few years, and having read several books by Paul Doherty set in Alexander's court, this book fleshed out some information for me, leaving me a clearer picture of what happened in, and around, this battle.

We had quite the windstorm last night, and as I was relaxing before sleep, reading, we had a power failure. Since my alarm clock is electric, I found that disturbing. We proceeded to have a total of seven power failures, most lasting only a few seconds, but, after an hour of reading by flashlight, I was finally able to reset the clock and go to sleep. I wonder what happened to all of our leaves, out front?

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