Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley


Yesterday, I finished Gene Wolfe's latest novel, Pirate Freedom. I found it to be a rather good description of the life of a pirate of the era of the Caribbean pirates, though he throws in a bit about time travel that is a little jarring. Still, a good read; felt similar to his last two novels in a way.

I also dumped yet another book that my father wanted me to read. This one was Natan Sharansky's book called The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny & Terror. I'm not bothering with it, because in the first few pages, he says that the Western nations allowed the Soviet Union to consolidate their empire via the politics of detente, rather than confrontation that would have caused its collapse. He also states that people in the West feel that the Russians don't care for freedom, and that they want to be dominated by a strongman; he feels that such a view by the West is wrong. Unfortunately, the politics of Russia seem to suggest that Mr. Sharansky is indeed mistaken, and the Russians do not support freedom, but oligarchy and tyranny. I think I'll just pass on this book.

Last night we popped out to join with archimedes6 and various other friends to bowl for his birthday. I couldn't bowl consistently with any accuracy, but I did stimulate axelicious into better bowling, as I kept a lead on him for a fair part of the game. forestcats was much more consistent. Then home in the rain.
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