Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday morning, we had something of a brunch to celebrate various family birthdays, including forestcats, my Uncle, his daughter, and my BIL. It turned out fairly well, though I was unimpressed by the Pasadena restaurant in which we stopped.

Following that, we made a run to Whole Foods, since we were in the neighborhood, and then visited vampireanneke, who allowed us to pick a bit of citrus from her tree.

Home, we turned into couch potatoes, snoring included. Later, we enjoyed a bit of the foodstuffs from Whole Foods; forestcats baked two delicious loaves of bread, and we avoided the Super Bowl, since it didn't include the Packers. One thing that led to our dozing, though, was Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. Yuck. Not enough beagles for me...

The evening finished up with another episode of The Sopranos season six, part two; I think that there's only six more episodes until it's all done.

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