Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Some of you probably noticed that we've been away. We took a few days off, and flew up to the Bay Area, through Oakland Airport. We met up with our friend, Tom, when his flight from Chicago arrived, and he rented a car, and we were off to Sonoma County, one of California's wine centers.

We got to the hotel, where we found our friends, Jeff and Deena, already checked in; soon after, Dave and Brenda joined us as we all went for lunch at Chili's. From there, the campaign started.

Wineries hit the first day: Battaglini, Russian Hill, Moshin (loved those sauternes), Meeker. Second day: La Crema, Williamson (and we had food and wine pairings with a discussion by the master vintner; very nice time, and wonderful wines), Vati (along with barrel-tasting, ahead of the crowd). Third day, marred by the barrel-tasting event; hundreds of folks were wandering around at a low entry fee and getting wasted on young wine out of the barrels. Kept us from really getting into the tastes. We went to Passalacqua, Bella, Sbragia. Fourth day: V. Sattui, in Napa Valley, where we met up with Patrick and Menette, who live near Berkeley; they have a cheese and deli shop on the grounds, so we bought that and bread and some of their wines, and had a picnic on the grounds; this was followed by Peju and Martini wineries. We had dinner at Don Giovannis in the Valley there; very nice.

Final day we went to the sake factory in Berkeley, CA, for their museum and sake tasting; very nice.

Marred only by forestcats losing her wallet. She got it back, though only by backtracking about an hour's drive.

Back to work.

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