Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It's been quite the weekend.

We had an invitation to once again join the Dorsai Irregulars/Klingon Diplomatic Corps in their Annual get-together, called Dorsai Thing. This would be something like the fourth one that I think we've attended, including twice in Chicago, once in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and now, once, here in Marina del Rey.

The Thing is a meeting of a diverse group of SF fans who have put together a group that rents themselves out as security at SF or ST conventions, as well as other convention specific duties. They've been rather successful in their efforts over the years, though they have their war stories as well. In addition, they are heavily into filking, SF's answer to folk songs.

We've known some of these folks for a quarter of a century or more; others are newer to the Dorsai, but they're all good people, and a joy to know and meet.

Friday night I joined the fun well into the evening, having had to finish rounds at just one more hospital, and then the drive to the coast. It was a nice evening, chatting and hanging, but the evening was marred by a packing mishap.

Saturday, we missed breakfast, so like us. We took one fellow (Sam? Kage?) on a long walk down to Venice Beach, helping him adorn himself in outstandingly tacky aloha garb. Then back to the hotel to lug our stuff to a small beach, surrounded by the Marina, where a BBQ ensued. Burger consumed, kite failing to fly adequately, we sat on the sand, chatting for a good long while. Then back to the hotel to prepare for the banquet.

The morning on Saturday is when the Dorsai who are actively engaged in the business rather than folks like us who are friends, but not involved, got a variety of work done, which included choosing who they'd want to invite into the team. There are now three new members, including giza; I don't think I have LJ addresses for the other two. In fun, they are snuck up on, and a Dorsai beret is tugged onto their head. If they agree (and everyone delightedly did), they're in! We were very happy for the new inductees, and they were clearly happy as well.

The banquet wasn't really formal, but I did wear a shirt and tie. It included a belly dance by a young woman who I recall from what seems like just yesterday as being in her early teens, but who must be in her late twenties or possibly thirty. Whew! The banquet ends with a toast to those who have passed on, and those individuals included the Heinleins and Gordon R. Dickson, whose Dorsai sagas lent their name and ethos to the group.

Although I don't want to risk a HIPAA violation, I will say that certain skills that I learned in medical school came into play, and there is now a Dorsai woman who is a D.O. from the MidWest, and we exchanged information, and professional courtesies. She's very skilled, and I was pleased to discover that we had an acquaintance in common, outside of fandom or Dorsai.

Sunday was dead dogging it; forestcats took a load of folks to the airport, and then we both loaded up another family and took them to LAX for their (late) flight back to Chicago. From there, we went up to visit themodeinliz to give her her birthday present, and then axelicious came home from some softball meeting; he's looking almost ridiculously skinny from his trying to lose fat content to try to win his work's betting pool again. Hopefully, he'll eat something soon.

Home to find corveys and brushette dancing up a storm of excitement on our return. Unpacking completed; caught up on LJ and so on, and I've had it for now.

Dinner? Maybe.

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