Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Exhaustion and illness has made me a lesser fellow, as far as creativity is concerned, and I've been forgetting to post about happy little things that I experienced over the weekend, so I now mention that on Saturday, as the rain came down, I observed a double rainbow; I could even see its end, as there was an empty field rather than a lot of buildings in the way. Beautiful.

Wesley, the indoor/outdoor cat (who sneaks in and out the dog door) didn't die, thank goodness. He's a bit unwell, but it wasn't a severe, surgery requiring problem. He slept all curled up between us, at about knee level, and purred. I'm glad he felt so secure with us.

The equines broke into our backyard, again, Saturday, causing mass ruination of the vegetable garden. We'll have to see what survives. Tomatomania is coming soon, however, and the tomato plants will be purchased soon.

We must have had hail, Saturday, as when forestcats and I returned home, there were areas of remaining sludgey icey matter...

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