Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

#44, 45, 46

I finished up a few books in the last couple of days.

First was The Complete Guide to Spirits & Liqueurs, which had a lot of photos of various bottles and how the drinks should look.

Second was Bundori by Laura Joh Rowland, another samurai mystery set in shogunate Japan; a little better than the first book; I'm on to the next already.

Finally, Sharpe's Story, a non-fiction book by Bernard Cornwell giving some background about the author, and how he ended up writing the Sharpe series.

A couple of nights back, we celebrated Purim by listening to the Megillah; our Havurah partially read it in Hebrew, and partially in English. Nice night, but I couldn't really get into the spirit due to being oncall, still.

Last night, we worked through the fifth disc of six from season two of Joan of Arcadia: these shows weren't light weight in the slightest.
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