Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

So, yesterday was the Carnivore's Feast, a time of barbeque, friendly gathering, and celebration of the natal anniversary of our pet, brushette. In addition, we had others who had birthdays to celebrate; one coming to mind is vampireanneke, whose deviled eggs disappeared rapidly!

The foodstuffs were very good, with folks bringing their favorite side dishes, and some few folks making their own meaty wonders. We had a smoker out by the corral, giving maple-smoked beef, to tempt the partiers; thank you to our friends who set that up. I stood by the grill for about four hours, this time, which isn't a record, but it was quite hot, and the drinks were downed with vigor.

We included an Iron Chef competition this time, as well as a Pampered Chef demonstration. The latter garnered some orders for the young lady, and I hope it was worth her effort; the former led to some really tasty dishes, which I, Molly, and Priscilla had to sample, as the judges. Of the three attending teams (four had been expected), the one with macapunohead, his mother, and ladyarcana55 stunned the competition with the brilliant food. One team was saddled with a grill that caught fire, one team dropped some of their food on the ground. High pressure.

For this competition, we did NOT spend hundreds of dollars to stock the yard with grills. Instead, forestcats kept her eye on, and when there were grills available for free, she grabbed them. We ended up with four spares; one failed, so the three teams were set. Oh, and we've given one of the grills to one of the teams; the wrecked one was picked up by scavengers already, and the other two were sent back into the ether via freecycle.

A lovely time. Too bad our air conditioner failed...

The last of the guests left well after 1:00 AM; arguably we had others that left later, but sekl and family stayed with us overnight. Jakob's hat, and the action figure, along with a book, were left behind. Oh, and did you perchance leave the Six Feet Under season one box here?

Oh, and during the last week, I caught a couple of episodes of ST:DS9, which were so-so. I expect to finish the disc tonight, and get it back to Netflix.

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