Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

So, last Friday, the office had satellite TV installed. Saturday, coming into the office, I noticed that the hatch to the roof was open, because heat was radiating into the corridor. I shut the door, figuring that they were coming back to finish up; they wouldn't have left it open if there weren't some things up there that they had to finish, right?

Monday, nothing. Tuesday I tried to tell someone about it. Wednesday, I finally got someone to take note.

Today, it rained. The hatch was open. I tried to climb the iron rungs of the ladder, but could barely manage it, since they were wet, and I was in dress shoes. Once up there, I couldn't get enough purchase on the hatch to close it, what with wet slipperiness and all. I gave up, and eased my way back downstairs, wet and irritated.

I'm feeling very "not-my-job"ish.
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