Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

A busy day, though mostly spent at home, yesterday.

While forestcats took brushette to an agility trial, and thereby another several ribbons, I stayed at home, and did almost all of the available laundry (yes, I failed to complete it because I didn't do the towels). In the evening, we sat down and plowed through a couple of films that forestcats had recorded to the DVR: Westworld, which I haven't seen since I watched it on the screen in high school, and The Yakuza, a Robert Mitchum film from 1975. Westworld seems a bit visionary, really, except for the robots; The Yakuza wasn't very interesting.

Today, I'm actually not working! Astonishing. And yet I am, because we've volunteered to help a friend out. More about it all in a future post.
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