Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I've found myself irritated and wanting to shout at my car radio for a couple of reasons lately; this is the first.

I recall people legislating that folks of different races were not to be allowed to intermarry. It bothers me that there's now a struggle to refuse to allow two adults of whatever persuasion, whether homosexual, or whatever, to commit to each other, and mutally support each other, by trying to define marriage narrowly as only between two persons of opposite sexes.

Come on, people, we have much bigger fish to fry, here!

Let's be honest, the economy is threatening to tank, folks can't get the medical care they need, we're fighting three wars when our armed forces were pared back to only deal with a maximum of two at a time, we're in a quandry about how to deal with an influx of illegal immigrants, and to top it all off, we have the interminable NBA play-offs; why are we bothering to fight about marriage, of all things? I blame Congress; if they were willing to do the hard stuff, they wouldn't puff up these minor issues (flag-burning, also comes to mind, from an earlier era) to avoid making the hard decisions.

If I may say, more power to them. Anybody who wishes to be adult, and make a committment to their loved ones, whether or not they are the same sex, or different, should be allowed to marry, with all the responsibilities that implies. Good luck to them; it's hard work, but worthy work.

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