Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday, I caught up to the latest book of the Kydd series of Napoleonic sea story novels by Julian Stockwin, called The Admiral's Daughter, which puts the protagonist, Kydd, in British home waters for a change. Quick read, the series has been fun. I will await the next one with bated breath.

I also picked up and read some new comics. The first was New Universal: Shockfront #2, which was moving the story along nicely. Next was Drafted #8, in which the alien assault force surprised the human/good alien army; it's still an interesting read, though I had some problem keeping track of the characters as some of them aren't well-defined by the artist. Finally, there was Doktor Sleepless #7; there seems to be some revelations that add new smoke to the clarity of what's going on.

Finally, forestcats and I watched the finale to Top Chef last night, and the contestant that we'd rooted for from the beginning turned out to be the winner; she's a restauranteur from Chicago named Stephanie. First female cook to win the competition, she outdid pretty much everyone else throughout the show. Good for her! Now we'll have to make a pilgrimage to Chicago to try her restaurant someday.

While we watched that, last night after ten PM, I was blown away by receiving a spam page on my beeper. It was some company posting a web site to buy Cialis and other drugs. Weird; I've never had that before. I suspect that they were mass paging on a whole lot of beepers, and not targeting me, because the only people who know my beeper is mine is the paging company.

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