Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

A while back, I picked up this book for curiousity's sake; I finally got down to reading it, and finished it this weekend. It's called "Spotted Dick, S'il Vous Plait": An English Restaurant in France by Tom Higgins. It talks about his experience in opening and running a restaurant in Lyon, and was a fairly interesting read.

I also gave up on another novel by Charles Stross. I just couldn't get into the protagonist's head in Glasshouse, and moved on to another book.

We haven't finished, yet, watching the movie of a couple of nights back, as we've been busy.

Yesterday, we unveiled the gravestone over my father's plot. I think my Mom chose well in terms of the stone's color, and the inscription. We got there quite a bit earlier than I'd expected (it seems that gas prices really are affecting people's driving habits, at least in Southern California), and we sat and took in the site for nearly an hour before others arrived for the event. Hummingbirds, mourning doves, rabbits, and other flora and fauna were visible a few yards from Dad. It helped...

Anyway, my sister invited a rabbi she knew to lead us in what needed to be done. The cemetery covered the stone with a piece of carpet; we placed his favorite UCLA jacket and then his tallit over that; said a few words/memories about him, and then a couple of prayers. Then my nieces and nephew removed the articles from over the headstone, and revealed it. After a bit of a cry, we adjourned to my youngest sister's house for something to eat.

After several hours of just being with family, folks started leaving, and since I was supposed to be on call (though my associate kindly took over the beeper while I was involved in these family affairs), I had to get back to the Inland Empire to do my hospital rounds. I wsa in something of a state, I suppose, and forestcats kindly drove. Completed, home to veg out.

Hard day.

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