Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I've been pondering why I had such a visceral dislike of season 2 of Jericho, mostly at times when I don't have anything else to ponder, like work, books I'm reading, whatever else I'm watching, or what have you. It seems like I'm especially pondering this when I'm stuck in traffic, which, admittedly, is happening less often lately, what with gas being so expensive that people seem to be staying home.

Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that I didn't care for the season 2 opener for one very major reason: Although the studios wanted me to care about Jake, I didn't; never did. I cared, instead, about the former mayor and his wife. And when those characters that to me were central to the show didn't show up (yeah, I know one of them was dead), the quality of the show spun quickly down the toilet.

I never did cotton to Jake. However, watching his father cope with being a small town, cut off from modern life by the nuclear attack, I found very interesting.

Oh, and one other thing turned me right off: the agent who had the nuclear weapon was making a big deal about it being "evidence", but they were conveniently forgetting that they'd early on reported that New York City had captured the nuke sent there, and therefore evidence already existed. Stupid. Finished it for me.

Now that I've made a clean breast of it, maybe I can go on to pondering something a bit more important, like if I'm going to waste $10 to see the Clone Wars animated movie that's expected soon...
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