Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Various adventures occured yesterday:

Libraries. I'm not purchasing books just now, so I wandered around, signing up for a library card in Claremont (part of the LA County Library System), and reactivating my card in Montclair (part of the San Bernardino County system, associated with Riverside County, and Moreno Valley systems). They also told me that Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga have their own systems, so I'll be getting cards from both, later. I had four books I was looking for; Montclair is getting one for me from another library in the system, while Claremont is getting two more. The fourth book is due out Tuesday.

In the afternoon, we went to Sherman Oaks to join up with axelicious and themodeinliz to go to a party in Calabasas, celebrating Andy's birthday. Hurray for the party!

Afterwards, back to our friends' home, and we watched a documentary called Murderball, about wheelchair rugby for quadriplegics. I wonder if some of my patients have seen it?

Home to collapse, but yet to rise again this morning...

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