Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It's been a busy time, since Friday, and I haven't had time to log on long enough to catch up and let folks know what's been happening these last few days. Much work has been completed on redoing the computer room at the house; there's still a dozen bags and boxes to go through and clean out, and we still have the closet doors to remove. In addition, sometime in the next two weeks, we're getting blinds for the room. Finally, we have a fairly large file cabinet to clean out completely, and then it gets moved into the garage, if not excised from our possessions. There's still work I need to do on the computer, in terms of backup and maintenance, but that must await another day.

Friday night we spent watching the Opening Ceremonies, a habit that we've had for years, and the Chinese presented a spectacular display. They've really set the bar high for any future cities that put on the Olympics.

Saturday morning, we travelled into Hollywood. forestcats had been invited by Tomatomania, the company that sells her the tomato plants of a number of varieties, to come into town with one unusual variety of which she was proud, for a seminar on tomato raising, and tastings. It turns out that the woman who put on the Pampered Chef display at the Carnivore's Feast was also there, so we actually knew someone. forestcats brought several Siberian Tomatoes, and several people identified them as their favorites of out of more than fifty varieties present. We enjoyed several, and forestcats snuck some seeds out from her favorites for starters for next year.

Although they fed us tastings of the tomatoes, and some tomato-based appetizers, we were still hungry, and we stopped in North Hollywood at a place called Artisan Cheese Gallery; we had sandwiches, and then tasted and bought cheeses to bring home. I also found their pickles delicious, and bought some to bring home for future delight. The place is a little east of Laurel Canyon on the north side of Ventura Boulevard, for those in the area who'd like to try it. It's the only place I've seen in SoCal (though I admit, I haven't tried to hunt up others for a while) where you can taste the cheeses to decide if you really want to buy.

We then went to my mother's; she's more scattered-brained than ever, and I pressured her to take this up with her doctor. This time, I added her doctor's phone number to my PDA's database, and I'm going to call him about my concerns with regard to my mother's health. She was very glad that we stopped by. We brought her copies of the DVDs that forestcats had made from my Dad's old Super8 films from about 1967 - 1973 or so. Some great bits with Grandy, my sister's and even Dad, when Mom, or I, took the shots. She's likely to have copies made for my sisters and other relatives who'd be interested.

Sunday morning, off to help Elst and Carol with a yard sale; she's trying to divest herself of a large amount of materials that her mother had accumulated over decades. They asked if we had anything we'd like to bring; I brought some boxes of books that I've just not had time to go to used bookstores to try to sell. I managed to sell sixteen books; fifteen of which I just cleaned out of the computer room, so there you go.

Now, back to the lugging of bags and boxes back in, until we have some time to get through the remainders.
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