Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Just finished reading Robert Littell's novel, Walking Back the Cat, a spy novel. The title comes from the nickname for working backwards through an agent's line of command to see who was in charge.

Nicely written, interesting, relatively quick read.

Last week, I read a couple of comics at one point or another, finishing first Jack of Fables #24, which apparently indicates reasons for Jack to dislike Bigby, and House of Mystery #4, which carries something forward. More or less.

I spent some of my office time today with video feeds from running on my desk computer. All that stuff that was too mundane or not exciting enough for US audiences according to NBC is all there. In fact, it's ALL there;even the stuff we see in the evenings on the networks all shows up online, but the day after, not the day of. No commentary, which is pleasant, if you're tired of listening to talking heads, but tough if you don't know the rules of the game well. While going in and out of my office, seeing patients, I ran feeds from Women's Archery, Men's Sabre, Mixed Double's Badminton, Men's Laser Sailing, and an Equestrian event from Hong Kong. It was actually refreshing not having to listen to the endless patter that the commentators are paid for. Very nice; go take a look if you're disgusted that a favorite event isn't on the network shows.
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