Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I think it's about time to delineate the contents of the household. The living things therein, that is. Not the humans, though. They can speak up for themselves.

I'm in the mood to take a rolecall, you see. So, here goes:

Horses: Presently, we have only one horse on our property. I don't care to ponder the horses that reside at Al's various places that our ours. But at home, we have Yogi, a nicely-behaved fellow.

Donkeys: Booboo. She's a kick and a half. She really loves forestcats to distraction. She also will eat practically any vegetable matter that you might share with her, which is helpful in recycling garden waste as well as various kitchen materials. She's a keeper.

Dogs: Both of them have LJs. First is Brushette, a beagle of regal mien. (AKA brushette). Newer in the household, but larger, is Corvey (AKA corveys) who is a very pleasant, very loving Australian Shepherd. He loves forestcats to distraction as well, which simply shows his good taste.

Chickens: Fourteen of them, of various colors and temperaments. Relatively new here, they are already doing wonders in the fly control field.

Cats: Hmm. Several. In the house we presently have three: Smokey, Drummer (raised from kittenhood), and Meatloaf (a half Norwegian Forest Cat) who won't let us touch her, but she prefers to spend her time on the kitchen table. In a protective cage outside, we have Spot, Ghost and then Drummer's mother, whose name escapes me just now. They are siblings, I think. Out in the front yard, because he refuses to stay in the house, is Iowa, a Norwegian Forest Cat.

Chinchilla: We have a guest in Estariel. She is rather a drama queen.

In the past, we've had ponies, box turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs. I think that completes the list of species. I refuse to count rats, mice or cockroaches because we didn't invite them in. Prior to meeting forestcats, I had a duck once, turtles, guppies and other fish, and not much else.

There. I feel like I've unburdened myself.

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