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Today was both busy and restful at the same time. Because there was some down time between activities, I was able to finish a couple more books.

The first was When the Going Gets Weird: The Twisted Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson: A Very Unauthorized Biography by Peter O. Whitmer. Bad. Compared to other books I've read recently, this is a poor imitation. It covers many of the same things, but puts a spin on each for maximum sensationality. Feh.

The second book was Cheese Primer by Steven Jenkins, which is an encyclopedic look at the world's finest cheeses, as well as the most common. It's a good reference, but I wouldn't recommend sitting down to read it, in any way.

Busy day, as I said. We started out with a trip to a local agility trial, where forestcats tried costumes on a friend's Shelties before their runs; they are going to be showing at some sort of costume shows, and my spouse was making them their outfits.

That done, quick stop at a library, followed by brunch at Farmer Boy's.

I stayed home, working in the computer room (another bag cleared, woohoo!), did some laundry, read, etc. After forestcats completed her work on the costumes, she dropped them back off with the doggies, and then did the CostCo thing. Ick. Saturday lines.

Then, it was off to Hesperia for Judy's son Kevin's eleventh birthday party at a "zoo", where a number of animals used in movies, TV and advertising were housed and trained. It was a pleasant outdoor party, with demonstrations with smaller animals for the kids, and, after dark, a flashlight tour of the critter cages. Charisma, a tiger, was there, the beastie that a couple of years back, visited our house, prompting photos of us holding a tiger cub. Cute. Other denizens included the lion from the Narnia film, and the bloodhound from the Mac vs. PC commercial where the PC guy sings a song, and the dog howls. Cool.

And back, to collapse. Apples tomorrow.

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