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Yesterday's reading also included two comics: Samurai: Legend#2 of 4, still not bad at all, & DMZ #35, going off in a new direction.

Then, last evening, I finished skimming a book that I wish I had time to really read. This one is probably a textbook for a college-level art history course, but it's too dense for me to really read deeply. It's called The Voices of Silence: Man and his Art by Andre Malraux. The sections I did read were very thought-provoking.

Last evening, I finally got into Massage Envy to have the technician work on my right shoulder and neck with deep tissue treatments. There must be over a dozen really painful knots in that region, while the rest of the areas she worked on had a total of about three. Ouch. I feel much more limber, this morning, and I'll get back there for another treatment in a couple of weeks; I have to get that shoulder smoothed out.

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