Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

So, we had another Dungeonmaster show, last night, opened by Windows to Sky, who put on a very good recital of several of their songs for the audience. This run of the show has had some very good scripts, and some scene dressing quality that the show hasn't had for some years. Next show will be the Guardian of the Flame episode, pitting the best players from the last several shows against a tough challenge. Can't wait to see who gets picked (maybe, Bobo?)

Heading home, only a few yards from an offramp that we could have used to escape, we were caught in a traffic break as there'd been a serious wreck on the freeway. Appeared to be two cars involved; it took two CHP vehicles, two tow trucks, a fire engine, and three ambulances to deal with the mess. We were caught there for over half an hour, immobile, while traffic built up behind us. Finally, they were able to clear a path on the far left lane, so we inched our way past the mess. Then, finally, home.

Vote tomorrow, O, my American friends!

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