Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We got up early today, and were out of the house in less than an hour, to make it to the polling place a couple of minutes before they opened; by the time they'd opened, there were over thirty people in line, and we were in the high twenties. Things moved along well, and I was amused to see that our polling place, that normally has about a half dozen voting booths, was stocked with at least double that. We agonized about our choices, voted our consciences, especially with the propositions, and called it quits.

I am now sporting an "I Voted" sticker on my tie, and I'm urging folks to do likewise.

I forsee a night of watching CNN (for the purported "holograms" of the reporters, as well as because our friend David works there) all night, rather than another flick.

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